New to Marriage

  • Do you want to discover what makes your marriage a lasting, safe and dynamic relationship?
  • Do you want to learn how to agree and disagree in a positive way?
  • Do you want a healthy relationship with in-laws and your partner’s friends?
  • Are you struggling with adjusting to going from I to us?

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Re-creating Your Marriage 

  • Are you longing for more in your relationship?
  • Are you faced with extra-ordinary circumstances that are taxing your marriage?
  • Has communication turned into pointless circles, or worse yet, silence?
  • Do you feel alone in your relationship?
  • Do you feel as if you have lost yourself?
  • Have you tried it all to no avail?
  • Do you know in your heart that this relationship can be much more?

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Facing Marital Crisis

  • Are you here because of a major crisis?
  • Has choice been taken out of your hands?
  • Does it feel like your marriage has gone beyond the point of no return?


There IS hope. There is HOPE. You are not alone. THERE IS HOPE.

I know what you are going through:  fear,  confusion,  distress,  agony…


You can come out of this fire as gold. You can also just burn away and become ashes. It is not by chance though, it is by choice.

New to Marriage

Developing healthy patterns in your relationship early on is the foundation for an enduring and fulfilling marriage. New to Marriage coaching is designed to help you to get to know yourself more deeply, as you develop a deeper understanding of your partner. Together you will develop the life and communication skills that build trust, love, collaboration, harmony, and growth. As you begin to identify both patterns that support and threaten your relationship you will build, together, a relationship that flourishes with deep levels of love and intimacy.


Couples who have worked with me have discovered how to: 

  • communicate compassionately and effectively
  • help each other grow and flourish
  • resolve conflict
  • understand each other
  • build a foundation for life-long intimacy and trust
  • integrate in-laws, friends, and previous significant others in a way that honours the relationship
  • create balance and harmony with children from previous marriages
  • make conscious choices about how what they want to create in their relationship, rather than just riding along



Spring Shoots

After only a few months of marriage, my husband and I went to Saba. It was such a great experience that we would recommend it to anyone – whether you’re facing big problems or small challenges. Saba would listen to us with sympathy and compassion but always without judgment. It was so refreshing to talk to someone other than family members and friends who usually try to solve problems for you. Saba truly became our coach – a person who would empower us to find the answers to our problems ourselves. Most importantly she provided us useful tools to use when facing difficulties. Overall, our experience was nothing like what we had expected and everything that we actually needed. We would recommend Saba’s coaching to anyone experiencing challenges in their life, and that’s pretty much all of us!

–Asiyih & Niyaz Haghbin




Re-creating Your Marriage

An unfulfilled marriage is agonizing and painful. It robs us of our life energy and kills our joy.


The good news is:

It is never too late and it is never beyond re-creation. The work we will do together is not reparation work, we will re-create, not repair. In Re-creating Your Marriage coaching you will not end up with a patched up version of your current relationship. You will discover a new relationship and build on that. You will rediscover who you are and who your partner is.


Couples who have worked with me on “unresolvable issues” have:

  • resolved and forgiven past hurts
  • regained trust
  • developed compassionate communication
  • created deeper understanding
  • navigated life transitions– becoming parents, moving, career change, retirement, health, etc.
  • managed their finances
  • created more intimacy
  • prevailed over unforeseen challenges, e.g. death of a child, child with disability, bankruptcy


Caladium leaves in rock full


We were on the verge of a physical separation in our marriage… Saba provided us with coaching in a holistic and professionally designed system, … and enabled us to start listening with a higher level of respect and understanding, becoming conscious of the value of love and appreciation as the foundation of our currently mending relationship. Additionally we are being coached in working towards developing a peaceful environment to raise our child with the value of love and compassion rather than contempt and disunity.   

 –Dr. N.J., MD




Facing Marital Crisis

The stresses and pain of a marriage in crisis can fog your judgement and impair your decision-making.

You are not alone, and I know how to help you work through this.

We will work together to clear the fog, to see what’s what, and to respond from a place of conscious choice rather than reactivity.

Importantly, the focus of Facing Marital Crisis coaching is not simply to survive this crisis. It is about building and discovering a new relationship with your partner.

This is a safe, gentle and loving space, where you can heal and recreate.


Couples have come to coach with me in the context of such crises as: 

  • infidelity
  • abandonment
  • betrayal
  • addiction
  • contempt

Many of my clients have transformed themselves and their relationships.


Its just a matter of taking the first step and being open to possibility.



Ray from broken leaf


Hope. Healing. Transformation.