This is the most tender, vulnerable, yet important time in your life or the life of a loved one.

This can be a time of confusion, fear, uncertainty, or even great trauma. It can also be a time of connection, light, resolution, and ultimately peace.


In End of Physical Life coaching, I will:

  • support you in your process to explore your reality
  • create a safe, gentle, and courageous space for you as you reflect on your life
  • help you chose how to relate to those you love so that you can create healing for yourself and your loved ones
  • explore with you those experiences that transcend words, language and everyday life
  • help you navigate your fears and discover how you want to relate to yourself and others through this period
  • accompany you in your grief, and every emotion that shows up for you


The End of Physical Life coaching is an opportunity to address practical, personal and family matters from a place of awareness, choice and love.


To this coaching I bring a deep and mature perspective and experience for navigating spiritual and practical matters. I also bring a genuine love for, and appreciation of the beauty of the human spirit.


Individuals and families have shared that coaching with me has allowed them to:

  • talk openly and fearlessly with their loved ones
  • find peace and resolution in the midst of suffering
  • prepare emotionally and spiritually for death
  • address and handle practical matters
  • deal with unresolved issues in their lives
  • overcome regret and remorse
  • heal damaged relationships
  • embrace the purpose, beauty, and the power of this period


End of Physical Life Coaching is based upon my belief that life is an eternal journey and death is only the end of one part of this journey.



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Autumn tree with rays

Facing the death of a loved one brings to the fore a multitude of conflicting emotions. Grief is much more than just sadness. Saba’s unintrusive approach helped me to accept the many feelings I had surrounding the passing of my father. Her gentle and understanding manner enabled me to appreciate the value of the steps that needed to be taken to say goodbye to a loved one. She brings her own experience of grief to bear while acknowledging that this is an intensely personal and individual experience, never the same for any two people. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being there for me in my time of need.