Saba is the founder and director of Centre for Human Progress, a non-profit organization which provides a professional and high quality Personal Transformation with Spiritual Coaching Program, based on the spiritual reality of our connection to the Divine, and grounded in scientific methods and practical applications.


I believe in every precious human being.

I believe in the incredible potential of every human being.

I believe that it is never too late, never too far, and never impossible, to reach that potential.


I believe in every marriage.

I believe in the two human beings that are in a marriage.

I believe in taking regrets and turning them into hope.


I believe in life beyond this physical life.

I believe that death is a journey.

I believe that every human being has the capacity to move from fear into peace.


I believe in every precious human being.


I have lived in Canada, Colombia, Bolivia, Iran, Israel, and the US,  for extended periods of time each. While learning new languages and cultures, and raising a family in new environments, I have developed a profound appreciation for both the richness and the limitations of cultural perspectives.

As a member of the Baha’i Community my philosophy of life, inspiration, and values are derived from the Baha’i teachings.

Community development has been a passion which has always shaped my life choices and lifestyle.

Married for 28 years, I have personally been on the roller coaster of long term marriage. My husband and I have navigated all the ups and downs and have reframed our relationship time and again according to new circumstances. We have two beautiful daughters whom we are proud of. They too dedicate their lives to social and community development while they pursue their careers and academic goals.

I love animals, and have had every kind of pet one could imagine, the latest was Kulu, our uniquely friendly and smart lovebird.



  • Transformational Leadership and Coaching, The Center for Transformational Presence
  • Relationship Coaching, Centre for Right Relationships (CRR Global)
  • Co-Active Coaching, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • Member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF)
  • Personal & Community Transformation, Ruhi Institute
  • Bachelor of Arts, Simon Fraser University