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When I first came to Saba I felt powerless to the anxiety and fears that had immobilized my life. I desired a change but didn’t know how to take the first steps towards healing. Within Saba’s safe coaching space, she helped me to untangle the web of doubts and fears that had grown so unmanageable in my mind and helped me to see the possibilities within myself. Through self-exploration, processing, and persistence, my compassion grew for myself and other important people in my life. I began to see that my qualities and talents were worth so much more than remaining hidden and unopened. That there is a higher purpose! I have since taken several life changing steps with the support of Saba’s unique guidance. I’m not cured of all my anxiety and fears. However, I am beginning to see them differently as a developmental necessity needed for the refinement of my soul. This is the unique coaching of Saba! 

–M.M.  California, US



Last year, I experienced a personal marriage crisis, dealing with infidelity.  At the time, I was of the mind that the marriage was irreparable. It had become something that was foreign and mechanical to us, a far cry from a functional, organic marriage.   I decided to go to relationship coaching because as I put it then, “I was just copyediting the essay of my marriage for the last time”.   It was completed in my mind; I just wanted to look at it for the last time with a detached eye. I had never imagined that what would result in the coming weeks would be a complete shift in its thesis. Saba guided me to a place within myself where decisions can be made with the right attitude, the right intentions and most importantly the right spirit. She guided me to see that within the body of my marriage where unique gems that only needed to be explored and brought to light.

                  For six months I’ve been engaged in a process of mining the gems of my marriage. It is work– exhausting, laborious work! But it is also rewarding, inspiring and beautiful! There are times that you have to look deeply into dark corners that you wouldn’t dare to unless someone is holding your hand and nudging you along with an encouraging spirit. My marriage has slowly evolved into a more harmonious and calmer place.

— S.R.  Doha, Qatar


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Wet leaves

When coaches work with you in difficult times and things aren’t going well, it’s important they create an environment where you can tell the truth about your circumstances and yourself without being judged. Saba’s openness and warm acceptance create just such an environment while her listening skills allow you to simultaneously tell and hear your own story as if for the first time. With sensitive understanding and extraordinary intuition, Saba is able to guide you through your sessions so you may discover the deeper truths of your own story.

–Maryse de la Giroday  Vancouver, Canada



Facing the death of a loved one brings to the fore a multitude of conflicting emotions. Grief is much more than just sadness. Saba’s unintrusive approach helped me to accept the many feelings I had surrounding the passing of my father. Her gentle and understanding manner enabled me to appreciate the value of the steps that needed to be taken to say goodbye to a loved one. She brings her own experience of grief to bear while acknowledging that this is an intensely personal and individual experience, never the same for any two people. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being there for me in my time of need.

–L.Z.  Ottawa, Canada




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My experience of Saba as a coach has been rich and deep. I most appreciate her ability to listen, not just between the lines, but into the shadows and echoes beneath a  conversation. Her ability to witness, reflect and call out the story that needs to be spoken is uncanny. I would recommend Saba to anyone who desires self-honesty and solid personal authority as a foundation for building lasting relationships.

–Cindy Brooks  Bellingham, US



Saba’s coaching is powerful and moving.  She has an amazing gift  for visualization and a deep intuition.  I felt so welcomed, relaxed and respected in our sessions together. I found myself transported on a journey with her voice,  collecting clues and gathering tools as we went along, ending up in a surprising place with new insights.


–Shelley Freitas  Vancouver, Canada




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Windblown leaves

Coaching with Saba has been a liberating experience; liberating from chains and fetters of (self)imposed constraints. Saba is an attentive, intuitive, caring and empowering coach, with a deep sense of honour for the nobility of the human soul of her client. Her coaching has been a practical vehicle, fuelled by my own resources, throwing light on my own possibilities, helping me read my own realities, and setting me on a wonderful path of life which is mine.

–Dr. Neda Forghani, Vienna, Austria



After only a few months of marriage, my husband and I went to Saba. It was such a great experience that we would recommend it to anyone – whether you’re facing big problems or small challenges. Saba would listen to us with sympathy and compassion but always without judgment. It was so refreshing to talk to someone other than family members and friends who usually try to solve problems for you. Saba truly became our coach – a person who would empower us to find the answers to our problems ourselves. Most importantly she provided us useful tools to use when facing difficulties. Overall, our experience was nothing like what we had expected and everything that we actually needed. We would recommend Saba’s coaching to anyone experiencing challenges in their life (and that’s pretty much all of us!)

–Asiyih & Niyaz Haghbin, China


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